Road design

Highway, road and street design

We are designing highways, roads and streets from busy city streets to urban and rural strategic routes and bicycle paths with sidewalks for pedestrians. Our design projects aim to provide long-term, sustainable, and cost effective solutions that are in consistence with the surrounding environment.

Car park design

We are designing car parks, courts and open spaces around residential and commercial buildings. Our projects include vertical planning of the area to ensure the proper runoff of storm water. We also offer traffic management solutions to make sure that the area is safe, well-accessible, and usable for everyone.

Sports field and stadium design

KLM Projekt is offering the design of sports fields and stadiums together with the surrounding roads and open areas. In 2018 we designed the Kalev Central Stadium in Tallinn along with the connecting roads, car park solutions and park area. In 2019 we designed the stadium for Abja Highschool in Abja-Paluoja.

Traffic management schemes

Mostly we are composing traffic management schemes during our road and street design projects. However, if needed we are also composing traffic management schemes for closing roads and streets for construction times.

Pavement restoration projects

We are composing pavement restoration projects for utility network construction projects.

Landscape design projects

Mostly we are composing landscape design projects for our road and street design projects.

We value excellent cooperation with our Clients  and strive to provide services of highest quality. Our aim is to find the best solutions for our Clients in terms of sustainability, cost-effectivness and consistency with the surrounding environment.