The parking lot of Kiili Civic Centre designed by KLM Projekt has been built

By kristiinaKLM

The construction of the parking lot of Kiili Civic Centre was mostly finalised before the winter

The October edition of Kiili Newspaper Kiili Leht wrote that the roads and paths surrounding Kiili Civic Centre will be reconstructed in 2018. With the reconstruction works the traffic around Kiili Civic Centre will be re-routed to make it more safe for pedestrians. A new passage from Pargi street will be built for the residents of the apartement buildings and more parking spaces added behind the Civic Centre for the visitors and employees of the Centre. The construction works were mostly finalised before the winter.
The detailed design for the construction of Kiili Rahvamaja parking lot was completed by KLM Projekt in the first half of 2018.

Construction works around Kiili Civic Centre