KLM Projekt participated in SEB Business Growth Programme

By kristiinaKLM

KLM Projekt participated in SEB Business Growth Programme

KLM Projekt was delighted to take part in the SEB Business Growth Programme designed to support companies in finding new growth models and overcoming challenges.

SEB together with European Innovation Academy has created a Business Growth Programme supporting ambitous companies in finding new, innovative and growth oriented business models for developing faster than the rest of the market. The Programme supports companies in digitalizing products, services or processes, finding and conquering new markets or in executing other growth oriented developments. As a result of the Programme a company will come up with an activity plan for the next 3 months for realizing the planned developments and moving a step ahead in its business activity.

The SEB Business Growth Programme consisted of 5 lectures and mentoring sessions and provided support to companies with the help of a digital mentor.

More information about the programme at: https://www.seb.ee/ariklient/kasvuprogramm